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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Last weekend spent on a workshop on the theme of documentary photography. It was a full on experience.  On the first night the tutors gave presentations of their work, followed by all of us attendees showing our work.  What a mixed bag we were. The next day some of us did a session on lighting, others saw a presentation on the elements of putting a photo essay together.  We then split into different groups and went out to take photos with the aim of putting an essay of no more than five images together on our return late afternoon. Working with both professional tutors and your peers made me realise what it is that I am missing with the OCA.  Fantastic input from tutors with lots of practical advice is one aspect.  Working with other photographers, some better than yourself some not really helps with how you see your own work. Just different points of view, different ways of thinking and seeing.  I got a few great photoshop tips, I listened to how others saw the same things that I was looking at but with a different outcome.
The last day we covered legal rights, using other media and had portfolio reviews.
I do need to spend time now thinking about what direction I will take following this course.

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