People and Place

Monday, 30 April 2012

Making Figures Anonymous

For this exercise we are asked to to make between two and four images using different techniques, deliberately making the people anonymous but is primarily about the place.

The first image I have used the technique of facing away.  To achieve this I have taken the picture from a higher vantage point so as to obscure the faces of the the two men having coffee but to show the table and chairs and pavement.

The next image I have used the technique of partly obscuring the person. I have deliberately taken the image so that the faces of the people are in the reflections of the water on the ground.

The next image uses the technique of taking the person in silhouette and making them small.

My final image for this exercise is to use motion blur.  Even though the person is facing me by using a slow shutter speed while they are walking past blurs the face making them unrecognisable.

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