People and Place

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Busy Traffic

The aim of this exercise is to show the busyness of the place with a pleasing composition and to give a good sense of the nature and function of the place.

I've chosen two images with two different approaches.  The first image (above) shows a group of tourists huddled together on the bow of a ship. Rather than a flow of people this is a huddle, implying both a small space and that it is cold. The arrangement of the group suggests they are all viewing something, confirmed by the cameras ready and waiting.
The cold is verified by the snow covered mountain in the background as well as their clothing. I've positioned the shot so that the people resemble a triangle shape matching the triangle of the mountain behind them.  One person is holding his camera above his head creating another triangle.

The second image I have taken from a high point looking down. This time the flow of the people becomes the central theme of the image. A busy rail concourse with people moving about. It is easy for this type of shot to just look messy and not very interesting.  What I have aimed to do here is to use the light and the shapes to create pleasing patterns.  I took several shots over a lengthy period of time until everyone was in a position that matched the patterns created by the light. The people are now all on the corners of the light patterns mimicking the pattern of the shadows and light.

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