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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Standard Focal Length

This exercise is to use a standard focal length. I used a 50mm prime lens. The first advantage is that I wasn't going to be able to 'accidently' change the focal length as with my zoom lenses. Using a standard focal length will result in images that look the closest to what the eye sees. Unlike a wide angle lens that can distort the edges of the picture or up close give peole rounded faces, or with the longer zoom compress the background.
Another advantage is my camera doesn't look so big with a standard lens, which makes it easier to blend into the background a definite plus for street photography.
Picture 1:
The day was grey and dull as had been the case for several days. I decided to try and use this as part of my photography.  I went down to city hall with the intention of utilising the buildings as part of any pictures. I wandered around looking for a good advantage point.  I liked the angles here and tried several different positions before settling on this angle. Then I waited for the right person. I wanted only one person in the picture to emphasis the buildings, shapes and greyness. I saw this man approaching and knew if I could just get him in the gap between the buildings before anyone else came into the frame, then I would have a strong picture.  Having a group of people in this picture would not have the same impact, it would just appear as a messy snapshot with no statement.

I then thought that as this image was about shapes and tones that it might look better in black and white. I'm happy with the conversion and think that this is one time when black and white works very well.

Picture 2:
I waited for the golden light of late afternoon for this picture. I found this one spot where the sun bounced off the brown building in the background of this picture. Just two steps either direction the path was in dark shade from all the surrounding buildings.  I positioned myself and photographed various people as they passed through this tunnel of light. I liked this one with two people both in similar coloured clothing, a nice distance apart and their step is similar, giving a nice balance to the picture.

Picture 3:
 My aim this time was to get closer. I hung around a bus stop around the time a lot of people were going home. It was more dificult than I had anticipated to get something that worked. Too many people in the frame and the picture just didn't say anything. This picture gives a sense of time and place. A bus in the background, the free paper we all read in the morning and afternoon while taking our bus/tube to/from work.

Picture 4:
I saw this picture and had just moments to take it before crowds wandered into the frame. I love the balance between the sculpture and the woman, the hood on the statue matches the scarf on the woman, both have their hands clasped together holding something and both leaning in the same pose against the brick wall.

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