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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Feedback Assignment One

My tutor didn't feel my approach to the assignment fitted the requirements of the course. He is not keen on me continuing with my street work within this course and felt I should keep it separate maybe even setting up a blog just for that work.
I clearly mis-understood what was required for the first assignment. I interpreted the 'take one person, five to seven portraits, differ in type and style, separate photo sessions' to be a requirement to have the pictures different.  My tutor's feedback was 'as a collection it is somewhat fragmented' I did not read the requirements to be a collection or an essay.  In fact i took it to deliberately not be a collection. My interpretation was to show a variety of portraits of the one person as different as possible. This by definition is surely not a collection or essay. Or am I missing something?
Even after a telephone conversation and further reflection I still see it differently than what he was looking for, with the exception that I do clearly understand that he does not want me to incorporate my personal projects into the course.
He does suggest it would be a good idea to have my ideas agreed in advance.  This I will do and have done so for assignment two.

I am also to spend more time discussing other photographers work.  I hope I am permitted to look at more than those on the recommended reading list.

My other frustration that I brought up is the number of books in our reading list that are out of print.  I've spent months trying to get my hands on most of them, both in this course and the last one.  It really would be helpful if we have to read obscure books that OCA tells us where we can find them. I know I'm sounding grumpy but I'm not finding this work inspires me at all, which along with acquiring those basic technical skills was my reason for doing the course.
When I attend workshops I am so inspired. The last one at foto8 was just brilliant. And I am really looking forward to the three day documentary workshop I'll be attending in April.

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