People and Place

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Public Space

For this exercise we were asked to take pictures in a public space showing how people make use of their personal space.
I went to a small public park on a sunny afternoon.  I figured that there would be lots of people enjoying sitting in the sun following several grey days.  I was not disappointed. I wandered around the park several times to decide who I would take pictures of and I tried to get a range of activities. I looked for individuals and groups.

I feel these images do give a sense of lots of people enjoying their own space in a sunny park. With the exception of the young woman reading the book, I took the pictures without the people being aware of me. I wanted at least on picture close up so I asked permission to take the image of the woman reading, she was very happy to oblige.  I did have a problem with people behind the tree so have tried to frame the picture without them creating too much distraction, however a wider aperture would have achieved this more than the framing.

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