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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Capturing the Moment

Well I'm not Cartier-Bresson but I think I've managed to capture a couple of "moments" in the images below:

This one I think is amusing.  I had spotted this young girls with her stick.  Obviously bored with waiting for her family and was entertaining herself. I felt that something interesting might happen. So I loitered around watching her. I had looked away for a moment, then saw the policeman that was going to walk past her and the stick was in the air (prior to this she had been making sweeping gestures with it along the ground).  I didn't have time to focus properly so the picture is out of focus.  However I got all the "players" in just the right position. The girl looks as though she is either going to beat him, knight him or even fish him. The policeman's colleagues with their folded arms are looking into the scene almost as if waiting for her to strike him. It was all over in a split second. All the parties moved on moments later.

Another lucky moment.  I was standing looking up the stairs as the light was so lovely I wanted to create a picture in it. Three adolescent boys were standing behind the wall. One suddenly leaped over. I clicked (again with no time to focus) but caught him just as his feet landed and before he had time to straighten up.  A woman I assumed was mother prevented the other boys from following this ones lead.  I like the light, the two boys hands on the wall and the angle I captured the one who jumped. I'm happy with the composition of this picture.  The boys feet are right on the edge of the frame (but all there) he is still mid action.  Also the hands of the other two give that sense they are about to follow.  The light highlighting them against their dark clothes.

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