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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Selective Processing and Prominence

Take an image that I I have previously used and selectively process twice. Once so the figure recedes into the setting and then the opposite so the figure stands out more.

 I chose an image I had used in an earlier exercise.  I had converted it to black and white to try and give it some depth.  It had been a difficult image to process as it was nearly all the same tone. This was how I presented it back then:

Looking at the image and reprocessing it thinking about making the image blend in or stand out.  Thinking of the various parts of the image. The first process I made global adjustments, making the figure blend into the setting.
Even this is better than my earlier processing.

I then made adjustments to the pavement, the light grey wall on the right and parts of the building on the left.  Using curves and contrast I have lightened the background.  This makes the figure more prominent.  For this image I think this is a better edit.

The last image improves the picture and I have learnt to think a bit more about how I want the picture to look, it is still better to get it right in camera.  The light is flat in this picture so is never going to be a great picture.  Ideally I need to go back and reshoot in better light.

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