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Monday, 14 May 2012

Planning Assignment 4

I was going to Paris for a weekend to support friends cycling from London to Paris. I had the idea of combining my assignment four on this weekend.

I lived just off rue Des Martyrs for four years and consequently know the area very well and have several friends there. Sunday is market day in the street and I thought would be perfect for assignment four.

I planned my pictures and checked with my friends that they would be around. All good. The reality was very different. One friend was sick, another had a sudden change of plans. The weather wasn't great. My cycling friends wanted me to be on the other side of town. It just didn't happen.

 I knew that it would be a bit risky to try and do this assignment on such a tight schedule so had a backup alternative in London. The exercise was still worthwhile. This could very well be reality for a paid assignment. It did help me focus on thinking about what I was going to photograph. I could only do this because I know the area so well.

 Now onto plan B. Regent's Canal.

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