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Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Trying to do the photoslide in one software and make a soundtrack in another and then put them together has driven me crazy.  I think I have been too ambitious in putting too many components together.  I have started again with Proshow Gold which lets me put the images and sound track in the one program.

I've played around with a variety of sounds and overlaid them but I think it is all just too much.  I had recorded sounds of the crowd cheering on my phone but when I put them into the project they just sound like dreadful noise.

I have also now learnt how to read a sound track.  Like a histogram on a photo you can go outside of a a good sound and get distortion that is not pleasant to listen to.

I also put too many different music tracks in and it just sounded like I was trying to put everything I had into the project.

Also important is deciding how long the photofilm should be.  I have spent hours looking at slide shows and youtube clips to help me decide on the optimum length.  For me 2-3 minutes seems to be long enough.  Any longer and your audience loses interest.  I have opted for approx 21/2 minutes. 

Several variations later I'm now happy with my selection.

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