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Monday, 2 January 2012

Eye Contact and Expression

I have been working on a body of work around the streets of Kings Cross. The people I am photographing are vulnerable in some way, generally with an alcohol or drug problem.  Learning to take photos when the opportunity arises can be difficult. Sometimes I struggle other times I want the photo so badly I can overcome my hesitations.  The photo below is one such instance.  It was late at night I was on my way home when this young girl approached me. I talked briefly to her then left. I hadn't gone far when I felt compelled to go back and photograph her.  I explained what I was doing and asked if it was ok. She agreed. I didn't have a flash or reflector with me.  So I moved her under a street light and used a high ISO.  I know I wont get to take many pictures in these situations so I use the technique of saying I just need to get my camera setting right and check the light. This gives me time to position and relax the person and work out what the picture is I am going to take.  I really wanted to capture the vulnerability and loneliness I saw in her.  For me the poor lighting and noise in the photo aren't important.  Her expression is everything.

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