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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Thinking about location

The brief is to find six very different settings or backgrounds which could be used effectively for whole body or torso portrait.  This is something I do a lot especially for my street people project. I'll look for a dark door or a textured wall. A couple around Kings Cross that I particularly like.  There are several spots at Somerset House that I like depending on the colour of the day.  If it is a bright day I'll seek a place in a park so I can use a tree to block some of the harsh sunlight. If indoors I will look for a window to give me some sidelight. For the picture below I had to take a quick scan around to find somewhere suitable. For these pictures I am taking I don't always get the chance to come back so I have spent time on getting to know spots in the area that aren't too distracting and the light will work. With my street people photos I have to rely solely on ambient light. For this man I didn't have very much time before his friends dragged him away. I had to think quickly and direct him to this wall as we were near a busy intersection. Most of the buildings around were very busy as well. I wanted the focus to just be him.  Fortunately the planter box was empty except for pebbles. By keeping the background as simple as possible I was able to keep the focus on the man, his can of beer and cigarette.

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